Kadakia International - manufacturer/ distributor, shrink wrapping

Welcome to the Kadakia International Group

For over 30 years, Kadakia International Group has been a manufacturer of high quality plastic packaging products and a major distributor of Sigma NCR rolls and essential supplies. With us, you will experience the “KI Difference”, based on our three core principles:

Constantly Innovate

We pride ourselves in working closely with key manufacturers and equipment developers to ensure that the latest technologies are being leveraged for your plastic and packaging needs. Our KI-LAMI™ and KI-COMBO™ products have revolutionized clarity and strength in the packaging space through our unique combination of films. Our belief is that the most innovative products will be the ones that survive in a constantly changing marketplace.

Quality Comes First

Product quality is an obsession at the Kadakia International Group. We continuously inspect all of our products for quality and you can be assured any purchase with the KI brand will have the highest possible quality compared to any leading competitor. We will never mix cheaper materials or reduce the strength of our products to save a few cents, because we know you value exceptional products.

Business Should be Fair

Core to our business model has been a belief that these high quality products should be delivered at a reasonable price. Our low prices do not mean lower quality products, but rather reflect a fundamental principle that your profitability is important to our success in building a relationship with you. When we find cost savings, you can be assured that we will pass those on to you. Our customer and vendor relationships are journeys, not transactions.

We look forward to our business journey with you.